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Congratulations on our bid for the nuclear power project Zhangzhou 1, 2# unit with steel bars


Recently, the company was identified as the winning unit of the "Zhangzhou 1, 2# unit steel bar" and "Nuclear Power Project Xu Dabu" project, with a total of 120,000 tons of project targets。The bidding is conducted jointly by our company and two major steel mills, Chenggang and Xuangang。

The world's first "Hualong One" technology fusion type

It is worth mentioning that the winning bid of "Zhangzhou 1, 2# unit" is the first reserve project of "Hualong One", planning to build 6 million kilowatt three-generation nuclear power units, which will be a breakthrough for "Hualong One" in domestic mass construction。As "China's business card", "Hualong One" is an important support for China's nuclear power "going global"。
At the same time, the project is also the construction unit of China Nuclear Industry 24 Construction Co., Ltd. in the "13th Five-Year" period of the first nuclear power plant site, is our company following the "Fuqing Nuclear power Unit 5, 6" project and its cooperation again。 In the previous supply process, our company has better completed the supply requirements of the construction unit。Both the supply efficiency and the quality of the goods supplied have been highly praised by the industry, and the bid is also an affirmation and trust of our supply chain services。
At present, the steel supply of the "Hualong One" world's first batch demonstration project "Fuqing Nuclear Power Unit 5, 6" project has nearly ended, and the winning of the "Zhangzhou 1, 2# Unit" project is also an in-depth development of our supply chain business in the field of nuclear power。Being able to participate in the construction of this series of major projects is an honor and a responsibility. Our company will continue to cooperate with upstream and downstream to provide guarantee for the completion of the project on time and in good quality。